Delamere Chiropractic provides an individualized treatment plan
for each and every patient with specific recommendations and goals. 
Thus, we offer a wide array of services at our office.


*Specific Chiropractic Adjustment/Techniques and Modalities.


* Diversified Adjusting                * Electrical Muscle Stimulation

* Thompson Drop Technique      * Ultrasound

* Cox Flexion-Distraction           * Ice

* Activator Method                     *  Heat

* Myofascial Release                  * Inter-Segmental Traction

* Applied Kinesiology


*Nutritional counseling/nutritional supplements.


*Trigger Point Massage – performed by Dr. Karen Parrino-Delamere
to alleviate trigger points, hypertonicity and muscle spasm.


*Gym/Rehab Equipment – used to aid in strengthening and stabilizing the core musculature of the neck and back to maintain and prevent further injuries.


*Orthotics – Custom impressions used to correct pronation
and supination of the foot, aiding in proper posture and spinal alignment.


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