Why Delamere Chiropractic, P.C.


Delamere Chiropractic provides the highest quality of care to each and every patient.  A family oriented environment working to develop a personal and specific treatment plan to meet your needs.  Delamere Chiropractic shares its strong chiropractic philosophy with all patients and staff.  Proof of superior care at Delamere Chiropractic is demonstrated through a personal life story.  A Delamere family member broke his neck at the age of 16, diving into Lake McGregor in Mahopac.  Diagnosed as a quadriplegic, but with a strong faith and chiropractic philosophy, the Delamere family did not accept this diagnosis.  It was a miracle!  He began to wiggle his big toe and walk 4 ½ months after his injury.  Chiropractic plays an extremely important role in everyone’s life.  It has not only helped to heal a family member, but many patients as well.  Delamere Chiropractic takes great pride in caring for families in the area, and educating them on the benefits and importance of chiropractic.    


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